Icon Chemicals - Company Profile


Icon chemicals is a trading company dealing in lead based stabilizers metallic steaorated and speciality chemicals catering to the polymers industry.

These chemicals find application in PVC pipes, suction hoses, shoe, compounds and pvc films.

We also deal in pvc resins for pvc pipes and fillers alike calcium carbonate for pvc pipes.

List of chemicals offered.

  • Lead based pvc stabilisers (TBLS,DBLS,LS,CS)
  • One pack lead stabilisers
  • Calcium Carbonate (activated and precipitated)
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Stearic acid
  • Hydro carbon wax

  • PE wax
  • Plasticizers ( DOP,DBP)
  • Metalic sterates
  • Tin stabilisers
  • Barium cadmium stabilisers
  • PVC resin (Imported)

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